Thanks for choosing Team Corn for your summer job. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and will do our best to reward you with the best wage possible. Along the way our goal is to provide a safe work environment and to develop a good work ethic and attitude on each crew.

Our leaders in the field and office are trained and motivated to see that this job is one you will enjoy, be treated with respect, and paid fairly for.

Because you are a big part of our success, we ask that each detasseler work each day that is requested, show respect to leaders and fellow detasselers, and do their best in the field to ensure efficiency and quality.

Working Together

This is the key to having a successful season that is fun and gets you the best pay possible. Part of how a detasseler is evaluated each day is based on their efforts in helping out other detasslers and the crew as a whole. If the crew can work efficiently and quickly through a field, meeting time and quality goals, wages for the crew on the whole can improve and the more days and fields we can work on. Seed companies we work with will give us more fields to work on and work with us better if we are efficient in the fields and produce a quality product for them.

Before You Can Work

All detasselers must complete the following forms before they can start working and ensure timely and accurate pay checks.

  1. Work Application and Agreement

  2. I-9 form - Employee verification

  3. Federal and State W-4 forms

  4. EPA/WPS Training and signature

Orientation Meeting

Before the season starts, each crew will have an orientation meeting where parents and workers are encouraged to attend to get valuable information and insight to our operations and details on pay, pick up sites and times, safety, leadership contacts, what to bring and wear, and how to earn the best wage.  We will send out a postcard with the dates, times, and locations of the meetings sometime in June.

What To Bring

  • Water - Bring plenty, a 2-quart or gallon jug is recommended. Each bus or van will also have an extra supply the crew can use for refills. (Ice tea and Lemonade can also work)

  • Food - Bring a cooler full of what you like. Fruit, cookies, sandwiches, chips, and snacks. Bring plenty the first day to give you a guide on what to bring the following days.

  • DO NOT- Bring any cell phones, MP3 players, or any electrical/valuable item into the field they get lost easy and are nearly impossible to find.  Team Corn will not be held responsible for any lost items in the field.

What To Wear

  • Hat - They help. A baseball cap or straw hats are great.

  • Shirts - You can wear two shirts. An outer long sleeve shirt for the mornings when it is cool and then take it off when it warms up, wearing a short sleeve shirt in the afternoon. You can change how you wear them after the first day. A long sleeve shirt also helps if the corn bothers your forearms.

  • Outerwear -Bring a poncho or rain gear for the morning dew or when it rains. We do work in the rain.

  • Pants -Light fabric pants work best. Some people wear shorts if corn leaves do not bother them.

  • Socks & Shoes - Old tennis shoes work best. Work boots get heavy with mud and are hot, but some do like wearing them. Most of the time people throw out their tennis shoes at the end of the season.

  • Gloves - Tight fitting light weight gloves work best. Dish washing gloves or tight gloves with the fingertips cut out also work.

  • Accessories - Other things to bring could include sun glasses or protective eye glasses, sun block, bug spray, aspirin, and other personal health items. If you are allergic to bee stings or have allergies be sure to bring your proper medication.


We provide transportation to and from fields every day. We encourage you to take advantage of it. The bus driver and crew leader will inform the crew of any riding rules and general behavior. Buses we lease are certified and inspected through the Department of Labor and Transportation. Travel time to the first field of the day or the ride home is not paid for. Only travel during the day, from field to field is paid for. If it becomes necessary to provide your own transportation, it is required that you show up on time and do not leave early. Also observe the rules and policies of Team Corn as discussed when moving from field to field.

Rules & Policies

No smoking is allowed for those under age. For those of age, smoking is not allowed in the field or on the bus.

The fields we work on are owned and operated by local farmers and seed companies. Respect for their property and equipment is required. Place all your lunch or other trash in garbage bags that are provided or pack it out your self.

All detasselers are required to arrive and start working when the crew starts and may not leave until the crew is done working for the day.

Grounds for dismissal include illegal activity, insubordination, abusive language, any harassment, or other reasons deemed inappropriate by Team Corn.

When Do We Start?

The detasseling season generally starts between July 5th and 15th. No specific amount of work can be guaranteed since a season length depends on corn growth, weather, and other variables not under our control. The detasseling season can last anywhere from 8 to 20 days.

The First Day

The first day is always the toughest. Show up early to the pick up site, especially if you have any paperwork to complete. Bring extra food and water. You can always cut back on following days. Be attentive and cooperative to all leaders instructions.

Sign in Sheet

*You Must Sign in at the beginning of EVERY DAY otherwise we won't know you're there and it may cause you to not be written down on that days pay log*   

The crew leader and/or bus driver will have a sign in sheet for each detasseler to sign in everyday. This is important so we know the days and hours each detasseler works and to make sure everyone gets paid for the hours they worked. Please sign in with the same name used on the application and not a nickname or alternate name. 


Each work day all detasselers and squad leaders are evaluated on their performance by the crew leader.

Each detasseler will be put into one of twelve pay levels.

  1. $7.25  (per hour)

  2. $7.50 

  3. $7.75

  4. $8.00

  5. $8.25

  6. $8.50

  7. $8.75

  8. $9.00

  9. $9.25

  10. $9.50

  11. $9.75

  12. $10.00

*  Note:  Starting wage will vary according to applicable state minimum wage.

Detasselers can from day to day move from one pay level to another depending on their work performance.

Their performance is based on:

  • Speed - in which they complete their rows.

  • Quality - of properly pulling tassels on their rows.

  • Helping out - the crew as requested

The faster you pull, the better quality you show, and the more you help out the higher level you can reach.

Earning Higher Wages

Each day, detasselers are evaluated on their performance and their pay is based on that. At the end of each day or the following morning, the detasseler should ask what their pay for that day was and how they can improve. The crew leader will let them know what they need to do and how to do it.

Hours Worked Each Day

Each bus will have a chart in the front with the hours the crew worked each day. This is to help detasselers keep track of the hours they work during the season. Every day the bus driver or crew leader will put down how many hours the crew worked for that day.

Attendance Bonus

An attendance bonus of $.50 cents per hour is payed, for all detasseling hours, for those detasselers that attend every day their crew is required to work. An attendance bonus of $.25 cents per hour, for all their detasseling hours, is paid for those detasselers that miss only one day. This payment will be sent within three weeks from the last day worked by the last crew, usually around the middle of August.

When Do I Get Paid?

Pay for detasselers will be issued twice a month, with pay periods ending on the 15th and last day of the month and should be mailed within 8 days from the last day of the pay period. Any final payments will be sent within three weeks from the last day worked by all crews for Team Corn.

We are required to have all of your employment paperwork in our main office before we can issue your check. If you have not received your check 15 days after the end of the pay period, please call us at (815)875-8100 to see if your paperwork is complete.

Season Summary

At the end of the season, you can request a season summary. That summary will list the days, hours, fields, pay per hour, and totals for the season. We encourage the detasselers and parents to keep track of the days and hours worked. The crew leader can let each detasseler know at the end of each day, what the hours and pay rate are for that day.

Leadership In The Field

  • Region Manager - Sets up, manages, trains, and follows up on all aspects of the crews operations. From getting buses and insurance to training detasselers to pull tassels and work efficiently.

  • Area Manager - Manages a group of crews, from 2 to 6, working with them to ensure efficiency. They give crew assignments, monitor safety issues, guide the setting of pay wages each day for detasselers and crew leaders.

  • Crew Leader - Daily lead and manage all crew activity. From bus safety and travel, working in the fields to become efficient, recording and setting pay wages for detasselers, motivating and giving detasslers feedback on their work.

  • Bus Driver - Besides driving and maintaining the bus, drivers also assist with crew moral and discipline, sick workers, paperwork, and crew movement in the field.


If the detasseler or parent has a concern about any individual working or associated with Team Corn, any of the rules or policies, or the operations of Team Corn please feel free to contact the crew leader or area manager. If you feel your concern is not being taken care of to your satisfaction, please contact the region office and or the region manager. We will do our best to ensure that your questions are heard and responded to.