Your First Day

for information on what to wear and what to bring please go through our handbook available here. You will want to arrive to the pick up site (provided to you at your orientation meeting) 10-15 minutes early the first day to ensure you don’t miss the bus. Don’t panic if the bus is late on the first day sometimes we don’t accurately account for traffic at that time of morning or any new road construction.

Our pay period ends on the 15th and the last day of the month. We will mail paychecks within 8 business days of the end of the pay period.

Your Paycheck

Leadership Opportunities

We try and recruit all of our crew leaders within the company whenever possible. This gives our employees an excellent goal to work toward and gives us the opportunity to have a working knowledge of the leaders skills, strengths, and weaknesses and try to help them be the best crew leader they can be.

We also hire all of our bus drivers from the local school systems to give them summer employment opportunities and ensure we are doing our best to keep our employees safe.

All Crew Leaders and Bus Drivers must complete a free online WPS training program to be eligible.